Management of sports services

  • Negotiation of professional transferences and contracts.
  • We realize the sports facilities development, as well as of sports material that is facilitated to us by the target to extract the maximum economical yield.

Legal advice

  • The negotiation of contracts and transfers sports is made through a licensed FIFA agent, as well as lawyers entitled to fiscal and financial negotiation.
  • We are able to serve as a integral guide to each athlete, from their financial investments to fiscal issues.

Image advice

  • We focus on the strategies for the promotion and improvement of the image of the player, as well as the obtaining and management of sports sponsorships. The athlete is the main brand that we must care for and manage.
  • We offer guidance for the management of your public image through professionals and experts in the field.

Organization of events

  • Fully manage any sporting event. From the planning of the event, the materials needed, security and development, as well as all legal aspects involving the implementation of the project.
  • The promotion and image of the event is also one of our strong points, taking care of the broadcasting and advertising the event.

Support rent

  • As particular or complementary service to that of the organization of events we have a service of rent of supports for any sports event.
  • We facilitate all the necessary materials to develop the activities, as well as the legal means so that everything develops without problem.

Organization of courses

  • We have at our disposal a network of professional sports to develop sports training programs.
  • Other of our strong points is the starting of formative courses, dealing from the methodological aspects up to the logistic ones.

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