• The agency representing players, Sportcesbe, launches a new website and corporate image adapted to the present but with the same essence that has characterized it since i...

  • Navarrese power forward Javier Saldise has become a new Tafa FS player after club and player have reached an agreement that they will join for the 2020/2021 season. Saldi...

  • Rafael Berlanga, better known as Rafyta in indoor football, has become a new Barceloneta FS player for the 2020/2021 season. After the season in the Second Division B has...

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PREMIOS || @1jesusherrero elegido tercer mejor portero del mundo https://t.co/JfiW5gZQY5 Sportcesbe photo

PREMIOS || @sergiolozano09 elegido segundo mejor jugador del mundo https://t.co/1ClFrniRRY Sportcesbe photo

📰 @SergioNixi: “Necesitábamos esta victoria para empezar a mirar hacia arriba, nos hacía mucha falta” (Vía @FS_Talavera)


https://t.co/ds0tRVdV9n https://t.co/eSSLvP0dEH
Sportcesbe photo

🔝 @oskitaa21, entra en el Top 5 de los Mejores Goles de la Jornada 18 #PrimeraDivisión https://t.co/Us3QTojXNx Sportcesbe photo

Clasificación tras la disputa de la Jornada 18 en #PrimeraDivision

📷 vía @LNFS https://t.co/TegFgoyall
Sportcesbe photo